COVID-19 | The Chamber of Deputies passed the bill no. 1,179/20 that postpones the applicability of LGPD’s punishments

15 . May . 2020 |

Approved last Thursday (14), the bill creates special legal rules for the pandemic period of the new coronavirus and, among the measures, postpones until August 2021 the applicability of the punishments foreseen by the Brazilian General Data Protection Law (“LGPD”), removing the postponement of its entry into force previously foreseen in its text .

Due to the changes, the bill returns to the Federal Senate.

We emphasize that the Provisional Measure 959/20, an instrument with force of law and with immediate effects, postponed the validity of all articles of the LGPD to May 3, 2021, but awaits approval by the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate to be definitively converted into federal law.

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