Patent applications related to Technologies made available in the market, and those developed with public funding, may have expedited examination with the brazilian PTO

13 . August . 2020 |

In continuity with the various actions to encourage technological development, The Brazilian PTO (INPI) published on August 11, 2020, Ordinance No. 294, dated August 5, 2020, once again changing the resolution that deals with the priority procedures for examining patent applications in Brazil.

Two new modalities were included, privileging with the possibility of expedited examination within the scope of the INPI the following ones: (1) patent applications referring to technologies that were developed using public funding; and (2) patent applications referring to technologies made available on the market.

The first modality should assist companies and entities whose innovation projects had financial support from some government entity, while the second one attracts particular interest for involving a large portion of the patent applications currently waiting for examination.

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