With demanding consumers and more rigorous and engaged in social and environmental issues investors, companies need to rethink their business model to generate value, improve performance in the medium and long term and, consequently, attract more investments in such a competitive scenario.

In this scenario, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) are important criteria of business qualification. Companies that adopt ESG in their strategies anticipate regulation and suffer lower costs of adapting to the sustainability standards that may be issued.

We count with a multidisciplinary and collaborative team with extensive experience in all matters related to the topic; ready to assist our clients both in identifying opportunities and in adapting to the numerous challenges and requirements, national and international, that composes ESG.

How we can assist in each area:

• Energy efficiency
• Socio and environmental policies
• Renewable energy
• Natural resource management
• Waste reduction, reverse logistics and circular economy
• Sustainability of the production chain / outsourcing contracts
• Climate changes
• Corporate carbon management and carbon markets
• Land use, forests and preserved areas
• Biodiversity
• Environmental certificates
• Green and sustainable financing (green bonds, social bonds and sustainability bonds)

• Protection and defense of Human Rights
• Prohibition of child, forced or slave labor
• Apprentices and people with disabilities
• Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs, as well as anti-discrimination policies
• Production chain and outsourcing services
• Health and safety at work
• Employment relationships between employee and employer, including benefits and policies
• Investigations and tax assessments by the Public Ministry of Labor
• Labor union relations
• Hiring workers in other territories
• Relationship with local/traditional communities

• Anti-corruption
• Transparent policies
• Ethics and compliance
• Integrity program
• Risk management
• Corporate governance
• Board and/or board structure
• LGPD and data protection
• Prevention of anti-competitive practices
• ESG guide for executives/investors

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