Provisional Measure 936 – Agreements and collective bargaining for salary decrease and furlough

2 . April . 2020 |

The Federal Government released overnight Provisional Measure 936, which is in force as of today and regulates negotiations between employers and employees or collective bargaining agreements for the reduction of salaries and working hours or furlough (unpaid leaves) during the COVID-19 crisis. One of the goals of the measure is to compensate employees, in some cases, for the impacts of the crisis via social benefits paid by the Federal Government, depending on the alternative chosen by the employer.

Even though there is further regulations to be issued by the labor authorities soon, employers may already negotiate these alternatives with employees and unions, taking into consideration the reductions of ordinary deadlines applicable to formalities concerning collective bargaining agreements, as provided for in the governmental act.

Click here to access our bilingual summary containing the main conditions for these agreements.

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